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#albumoftheweek – @wayneLOTEK ‘International Rudeboy’

My first encounter with Wayne ‘Lotek’ Bennett was reading an article in Computer Music about his studio set up & working methods. Hearing he had produced tracks for Roots Manuva and was signed to Big Dada I instantly went down the record shop to dig out a copy of Lotek Hifi’s self titled mini album. I was initially interested and impressed by the warm and crisp production, but I was also quickly won over by his clever wordplay and distinctive flow.

In recent years he has relocated in Australia, produced the Brit Award winning ‘Speech Therapy’ for Speech Debelle, and finally hits us with his debut solo album ‘International Rudeboy’

Launched in time for summer in Australia, it hits the UK in the middle of a major cold snap, delivering sufficient heat to restore feeling to even the coldest of toes. Musically, we are treated to a warm, crisp blend of ska and reggae which provides the perfect backing for Lotek’s lyrical wordplay.

Highlights for me include Splendid, Rudest Dude, Dreader than Dread and Paid, but the quality is high throughout.

Don’t just take my word for it, get over to Lotek’s Bandcamp or itunes to grab your copy.


Been away too long…

Not posted anything for a long time. Been enjoying Brighton too much! But I’m back. New posts coming soon.


#nowplaying @Portformat – The Repeat Factor Remixes on @TokyoDawn Records

So I’ve been a very vocal supporter of Portformat’s amazing ‘The Repeat Factor’. It has proven to be a very apt name for me as I’ve been continuously playing that album for the last 6 months or so.

As a result of my love for that album, I was very resistant to the idea of remixes. I was thinking “Why ruin it? it’s perfect!”, but then I had to think to myself that Tokyo Dawn don’t put out bad music, so there must be some serious quality remixes on there or they wouldn’t have put it out.

And I was right. The remixes all take the tracks in a very different direction to the album, with a range of styles & tempos that make it a very different listen to the original album. There are many highlights on the record, including (but not limited to)

Opolopolo’s remix of Mothership ft Georgia & Dudley, which goes off on a major west coast funk trip
Resound(of the Metalheadz) remix of Knock Knock going darker & heavier
Dandario’s wonky as hell remix of U$
Swede:art’s remix of It’s On
And Ronnie Vindahl (Boom Clap Batchelors) boogie remix of Fairy Child

I have to be careful here or I’ll be listing out every track!!

So overall it’s definitely worthy of your attention & purchase, so don’t sleep, get over to Tokyo Dawn & order your copy NOW! You won’t regret it.

#nowplaying @flyinglotus ‘s astounding #COSMOGRAMMA

I’ve not been this excited about an album release for a very long time.

Popped into my favourite Brighton record shop (the awesome Resident) to grab a first edition Cosmogramma in the black & gold case that just looks stunning

This is a true work of art. Check out the packaging in its full glory (including the free badge…)

Have to say, I put it straight on in the car for the journey back to work and the music is mindblowing. Full respect to Fly-Lo he saw people catching him up so he hit the rocket boosters & has shot off into another galaxy altogether.

Do yourself a favour, don’t download this one. Go & buy it. From your local independent store. Keep the music ALIVE!


#nowplaying Transmit / Box / Flat #TBF017

I only picked up on the Transmit Box Flat series at number 11, but it has rapidly become a fourtnightly highlight for me.

Playing a fantastically broad range of music, all of it soulful, deep & with a hint of darkness

Latest show is available for download here >>> #TBF017

And the blog with tracklistings & extra info here >>> Hold/Box/Flat

Give it a spin, you will not regret it


#nowplaying @trustindust “TIDRadio presents Beats & Speeches”

Trust in Dust back with another special mix, no chattin’ on this one, just pure music, a celebration of the beauty of beats & words, hushed tones & atmospheric soundscapes make for a thrilling late night listen.

Highlights include King Midas Sound’s “Earth A Kill Ya”, Enemy Earth’s “Motto Sh*t”, Onra’s “Bomb’s & Declaime’s “Revelations” (Produced by Georgia Anne), but there’s so much greatness in here (Full tracklist after the image)

Find it here

Document 1 (snippet) – Afta-1
Pimp Knowledgy (Krii Remix) – Prymer & Blaktroniks
Bombs – Onra
Earth A Kill Ya – King Midas Sound
Motto Sh*t – Enemy Earth
Freeze The Cut – Comfort Fit
Winds From The North – Oddisee
A Foreigner No Longer Featuring Rich Medina – King Britt
Is Music – Dwight Trible
Soon – Ursula Rucker
Ex Machina – St. LaRok
a zillion tamborines – Ammoncontact
Clocks – Amede & The Soundsmith
Antiquity – Dwight Trible
The scott Steinway Trio – 88 Keys
End of Days ft Allonymous – Unity Gain Theory
San Pedro Cactus – Exile
Revelations (feat. Dudley Perkins & the Akebulan Five) – Declaime

Crank it up in a darkened room & let it take you away