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#nowplaying Emotional Colours by @swedeart on @tokyodawn

So this album is getting a lot of buzz at the minute & I must say it’s worthy of the hype.

Coming out on the fantastic Tokyo Dawn Records, Swede:art has produced a cracking set of futuristic bumps. Predominantly instrumental tracks of wonky bass, electronic bleeps & dirty soul claps they whole album sounds quite unlike anything else.

The few vocal offerings are choice & work particularly well. Brooklyn’s finest ‘Pursuit Grooves’ sounds amazing on ‘Embrace the Chill’, and Stray delivers a gorgeous soul voice on ‘Linguistics’ plus there are solid contributions from Blacktronics, duktus & Caits Meissner.

This is a great summer album, booming out to sountrack BBQs or thumping out of your car stereo with the windows down.

You can hear several of the tracks on the latest Trust in Dust Radio show here

Nice one Tokyo Dawn, you’ve done it AGAIN!



#nowplaying @Portformat – The Repeat Factor Remixes on @TokyoDawn Records

So I’ve been a very vocal supporter of Portformat’s amazing ‘The Repeat Factor’. It has proven to be a very apt name for me as I’ve been continuously playing that album for the last 6 months or so.

As a result of my love for that album, I was very resistant to the idea of remixes. I was thinking “Why ruin it? it’s perfect!”, but then I had to think to myself that Tokyo Dawn don’t put out bad music, so there must be some serious quality remixes on there or they wouldn’t have put it out.

And I was right. The remixes all take the tracks in a very different direction to the album, with a range of styles & tempos that make it a very different listen to the original album. There are many highlights on the record, including (but not limited to)

Opolopolo’s remix of Mothership ft Georgia & Dudley, which goes off on a major west coast funk trip
Resound(of the Metalheadz) remix of Knock Knock going darker & heavier
Dandario’s wonky as hell remix of U$
Swede:art’s remix of It’s On
And Ronnie Vindahl (Boom Clap Batchelors) boogie remix of Fairy Child

I have to be careful here or I’ll be listing out every track!!

So overall it’s definitely worthy of your attention & purchase, so don’t sleep, get over to Tokyo Dawn & order your copy NOW! You won’t regret it.